For full transparency, we want you to get to know how our company operates before you reach out. These policies and company standards are non-negotiables that instill a specific company operating style. These policies give us contractors here at  Noble One the capability to produce efficient and quality work that will satisfy any clients needs.

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Estimate are the precursor to every project, and are necessary part of project development. Just like field work, estimates take a good portion of time to ensure that total project costs are foreseeable for our clients. Our estimate prices are based on an hourly rate of $125/hr, and this includes both the in-person consultation and any office work needed to complete the estimate at hand. Estimates are not an exact final cost to a project, but they allow our clients to get a general idea of our price range and to see their ability to afford the work we provide. Also, our estimate process is not a guarantee we will take the job brought to us by a possible client. Depending on our availability, the time-line provided by the client during the initial estimate phase, and by external business inflictions, Noble One has the power to choose its clients based on the reasonability of said project. No one likes a stressful construction project and us here at Noble One want to ensure the projects we provide are seamless, smooth and stress free.

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